A brief Detour

After following the instructions given to them by the Ratfolk, the group came within sight of the crumbling tower just in time to see a trio of panicked Ratfolk being pursued by strange squat creatures with dark leathery skin. The creatures seemed intent on ending the Ratfolk and they did not immediately notice the heroes. Seeing an opportunity to both do some good, and have some questions answered, the group rushed into to interceded on behalf of the ratfolk.

Although the battle was swift and in the favour of the heroes, the Ratfolk were in no position to wait and see if they were safe and by the time the group had dispatched the threat and entered the ruins of the tower, they discovered the beast that had been preying on the ratfolk, which had also preyed on the ratfolk who merely sought safety.

Although disheartened by their failure to save the fleeing ratfolk, the group returned back to the warren with the remains of the victims and the news that the creature that plagued the ratfolk was slain. The Ratfolk also studied the fallen scaled humanoids, confirming the suspicions that the heroes had regarding the unique and previously unknown nature of these creatures. One thing that was of particular concern to the ratfolk was that the creatures all wore a similar brand on their clothing, a strange eyeball with several stalks rising out of it.

After several more days of negotiating and performing valuable tasks for the Ratfolk, the knights were suddenly located, disheveled and confused, but otherwise unharmed and the heroes returned triumphant to Karakest, the chagrined youth in tow, as well as the promise of negotiations for official trade treaties between the Ratfolk and the human town.



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