A choice is given

Having decided that this newly formed group of agents would be suited for her goals, Aliena Jien decided to present her proposal to the assembled group. A dispatch of Knights Ascendants were supposed to have arrived in the town of Karakest within the last week, but they had not arrived. Although Aliena Jien had become accustomed to operating the town with great autonomy, she did understand the political significance of having even a small complement of knights in her town.

Although short delays of travel were not uncommon within the region, the group was to accompany a caravan of Ratfolk, and the diminutive merchants are not known for tardiness. Aliena’s intent was to dispatch the group to discover the whereabouts of the missing party, but as she was discussing the details with the adventurers the meeting was interrupted by the aggressive barging in of Yaral Quirand, the local hunts master.

The huntsmaster was concerned about the disappearance of several townsfolk who had been assigned to collect game from the Tamrest Forest and were long past due to return. He was insistent that the mayor dispatch a team of both guards and woodsmen under his supervision to locate the missing party. The huntsmaster was quickly escorted out of the office by the Mayor’s personal guard, but she knew that his concerns were valid and that she needed to do something. Faced with the reality did not possess the resources to properly address either concern, she plead with her would-be agents to determine which course of action they were most likely to be successful in pursuing, and to leave her to deal with the consequences.

After some discussion between the four, it was decided the political ramifications of the missing knights would have longer term ramifications to the town than the risk of the town going hungry for the impending winter. With the reluctant blessings of the mayor, the group set off to see what they could discover around town about the missing Knights.



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