Into the Woods

The initial foray into the Tamrest Forest was met with immediate peril, as was expected of the adventurers. Although the plains between the town and forest are relatively well traveled, it is not an area free of threats both natural and not.

Upon arriving at the border of the forest, where the easily travelled plains begin to give way to thick trunked, primordial trees home to numerous predators, the group was beset upon by a raiding party of goblins, led by a seasoned Hobgoblin leader. The raiding party had used a wounded and crippled elf prisoner as a distraction, bringing the group within range of the leaders bow, while setting the feral and wild goblin fodder upon the group. Being a seasoned group of combatants, the adventurers were able to make short work of the goblins, as well as rescuing the now crippled Elf from his captivity. A brief parlay with the elf provided the group with the basic information that the goblins have been capturing and feeding off of the limbs of many of the local elf tribes, as well as some information as to where the source of this strange fungus could be originating from.

The Elf advised the group of an abandoned outpost within a few days walk of the border of the forest, which was a hotly contested encampment site for many of the areas tribal groups. Most recently it was known that a particularly savage group of goblins had claimed it as their own, but this same group had been displaced by something even more powerful, which had lead them to start capturing elvish prisoners like himself. Knowing that they were looking for strange goblin activities, the group decided that this outpost was their next location to explore.



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