Meeting the Ratfolk

After spending some time questioning Tessell the Younger, the group decided he was likely not any more knowledgeable of the whereabouts of the missing knights than they themselves were, though he seemed genuinely inclined to help the town in finding them. Still suspicious, but touched by the young Ratfolks enthusiasm and innocence, they agreed to escort him, as a prisoner of the town, back to his warren home of Tangleweed.

The journey was a fairly short one as Tangleweed was only a few days ride from the town, and the mayor was invested enough in discovering the whereabouts of the missing knights to outfit the group with horses and provisions for travel, as well as an official letter from the town giving them authority to speak for her in any negotiations.

Upon arriving to Tangleweed, the group found that the community was appropriately named, as it was a large briar patch with a well fortified set of tunnels beneath. The Ratfolk had taken their own defensive preparations seriously and created several hidden hatches and doors from which they could escape from, or be aware of potential threats to their community.

Although they were escorted by a native of Tangleweed the group still had to deal with some of the more aggressive defensive countermeasures of the warren before they could show they were simply there on a diplomatic mission. Once they had managed to call for a Parley, a well armed and distrustful group of Ratfolk emerged, led by an old and frail clan elder named Binder.

Binder listened to the demands of the group to produce the knights with an impassive and almost bored demeanour, before announcing that he would take Tessell back to the warren to hear his side of his brief imprisonment before making any decisions. He welcomed the group to avail themselves of the bare-bones accommodations that were in place for non-ratfolk visitors and quickly disappeared back into the safety of the warren.

After a long and frustrating night of no activity or communication from the Ratfolk, Binder and a much less aggressively armed group returned to the party from Karakest. Because Tessell was treated with dignity and respect, the ratfolk elder had agreed to assist the group in finding the knights, but only in exchange for a service to the warren as well. A disgusting and twisted creature had recently set up a lair in a crumbling tower nearby the warren. The tower was not significant in and of itself, but it did serve as a landmark in which ratfolk Caravans could rest and draw fresh water from a nearby stream. The stream also served as a primary source of clean water for Tangleweed as well and with this creature now lairing so close, it presented a drastic threat to the Ratfolk. If the group would deal with this threat to [[Tangleweed and show themselves to be operating in good faith, Binder agreed to question all of his own people, as well as sending out emissaries to some of the caravans travelling through the area.

With little else to go on, the group agreed to help the Ratfolk and set out immediately.



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