Mysteries and Research

Having been tasked by Aliena Jien to find the missing squires sent by the Knights Ascendants, the group thought it prudent to begin by asking about the town itself to see if anyone had heard any suspicious news regarding the disappearance. Though the town itself is predominantly human, it frequently serves as a gathering place for a myriad of the regions various races. The group quickly surmised that the ideal target for their questions would be a Ratfolk, or several, as they would likely be the most knowledgeable on the habits and nature of the common place Ratfolk caravans that bring goods all throughout the region.

After conscripting a small group of town guards it quickly became apparent that the Ratfolk that normally permeate the town were conspicuously missing, to a body. The missing knights and sudden disappearance of every Ratfolk in the town had only increased the already present suspicion of the group, and so they set about town themselves to track any information they could. It did not take long for the group to locate one lone Ratfolk who had not disappeared with his brethren for reasons unknown.

The young Ratfolk was an enthusiastic and energetic merchant prospect by the name of Tessell the Younger and was seemingly completely devoid of guile. The town guard had escorted him to the cells to be questioned by the newly appointed agents of the mayor.



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