A group is formed

After having spent several months in the town of Karakest doing minor odd jobs assisting the town, and serving the Mayor Aliena Jien, a small group of stand-out individuals was collected, hand-picked by the mayor herself. These individuals were identified as potential candidates to carry out important work on behalf of the town that couldn’t be trusted to “official” members of the town guard.

The first of these individuals was Flynn St. Tallon, a knight dedicated to serving the common folk in any manner that presented itself. Although his training was provided by the Knights Ascendants he chose to distance himself from their order, having a distasted for their political and religious ideology.

The second was Strahl Turstal, a Deep Dwarf from deep beneath The Ironbeak Mountainssent to Karakest on a trade and diplomacy mission, though he was ill-suited and ill-prepared for it. After some initial struggles in learning to speak the common tongue of the humans of Karakest Strahl was able to ingratiate himself to the townsfolk enough to carve out a small niche of use.

The third was Rolland Wyrmring, a half-elf scout from the nearby Tamrest Forest who was sent by his elven brethren who raised him in a gentle form of exile. While in the town of Karakest he also sought to learn more of the human mother he barely knew.

Last, and by know means least was Ferinia, the diminutive Iron Gnomes from Ironhold. She left her home filled with dour survivalists hoping to find a community that would appreciate her love and talent in performance.

Although only one of the four was human, their racial diversity was exactly what [[Aliena Jean]sought, as Karakest had the unique position of being nestled between several very diverse cultures, and unofficially serving as a meeting place for trade and minor diplomatic issues amongst them. Aliena Jiensaw an opportunity to take steps in officially uniting the groups in formal trade agreements, which would not only benefit each party, but also the entirety of the groups involved. Though the four agents she collected were relatively unknown to her, she was hopeful that they were exactly the right team to serve the region.


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