Celestial Divines

The humans of Fallanstaff have found several constellations within the sky to which they have assigned spiritual significance. These “deities” do not communicate with their flock, nor do they show any signs of sentience, but no one can deny the power that the human priests show.

Almost every constellation within the nights sky has two seperate embodiments, one positive, the other negative. Each embodiment of the constellation grants access to the same spells and powers, but the manner in which they are used varies greatly from the different sects.

The Magi and The Warlock

The Knight and The Warlord

The Scholar and The Tyrant

The Traveler The Thief

The Shadow

The Hero The Mercenary

Mother Nature The Beastmaster

The Gibbering One

The Beast

The Martyr

Celestial Divines

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