Fallanstaff is a human kingdom in the region now known as the Fallanstaff PlainsThe kingdom was created by the human Knight, Fallan, when he and several hundred others were stranded in the area several centuries ago. The humans were travellers from another part of the world who had no intent on landing their boats in the area, but were forced into it when the Cataclysm occurred, sending massive shockwaves of power which in turn created massive tsunamis.

Fallanstaff has expanded greatly over the past few centuries and the king and people of Falanstaff consider all of the grasslands between the The Deep Refuge and the Tamrest Forest to belong solely to them. The exception to this claim is the Nine Free Cities which are commonly accepted to be exempt from the rule of the King of Falstaff. This exemption is a token gesture as the Nine Free Cities are High Elf settlements with significant magical and martial defenses, well beyond the current ability of the Humans to enforce any sort of meaningful control over.

The capital of Fallanstaff is Falangrave, a large city near the center of the plains. The city itself consists of three separate walled sections, an indication of the extensive growth over the years, and a fourth wooden palisade ringing the third wall. The area between the palisade and the wall is largely used for merchant caravans, travellers and those who prefer to live outside of the crowded city.

In addition to Fallangrave, there are about a dozen mid-size human cities, several dozen smaller towns and near a hundred isolated villages. The Fallanstaff Plains is temperate with both mild summers and winters, with enough small forests and quarries to provide the basic needs of expansion for the industrious citizens. The largest threat posed to the citizens of Falanstaff are the roaming bands of Centaurs who view the plains as their birthright and the humans as a plight upon their land. The Centaur tribes rarely work together which, in addition to sheer numbers, is the only thing that has allowed the humans of Falanstaff to maintain a grip on the land.

Fallanstaff maintains a sizeable army, based out of Fallangrave but with sizeable garrisons in each city, as well as a token force in each town. The smaller villages are expected to maintain a standing militia for defense of their own, and to be called into service in the event of war. In addition to the army, Fallanstaff maintains a knightly order known as the Knights Ascendants. The Knights Ascendants believe that Fallan was a divine leader sent from the heavens themselves, and upon his death he was the first to ascend to the stars, finding divinity himself. The Knights Ascendants believe that their service is the first steps towards ascending to the divine realm, and upon the end of a life of service, they will join Fallan and serve in his eternal army.


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