Karakest Locations

Personalities of Karakest]

Karakest is a decent sized human town that falls within the border of the kingdom of Fallanstaff. Karakest has a significant value to the region as it serves as a neutral trade hub in which the Sky Dwarves are able to trade the goods brought from the Ironbeak Mountains and bring in valuable resources not normally available to themselves or their Deep Dwarf allies. Once the goods are brought into Karakest, merchant representatives from the High Elves, Humans and occasionally Wild Elves

Because of the significant trade value of Karakest, the Knights Ascendant keep a sizeable battalion led by Ser Iranstar, a dour knight who takes his duties very seriously. The Knights Ascendant are technically supposed to be secondary to the Fallanstaff military but due to the remote nature of Karakest, Ser Iranstar tends to directly oversee the defense of the town.

The population of Karakest is predominantly Human but unlike many other communities in the Fallantstaff Plains, there are a number of other races that have decided to make their home here, making Karakest one of the most diverse towns, and thus more accepting of other races.

Perhaps because of this diversity, the mayor of Karakest is Alianna Jiean, a fiery half-elf woman with large plans to increase the value of the town she was born and raised in. Alianna has dreams of leading an official trade agreement between all of the races in the region in order to improve trade quality and ensure fair prices to all involved.


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