A triumphant return

Having found the missing squires and made some headway in generating a mutually beneficial trade agreement with the Ratfolk the group returned to Karakest and reported back to [[Alianna Jean with their results. With the group providing results that exceeded the initial expectations, the mayor was able to reward them generously with a resupply and a letter of credit for personal goods as well.

In addition to the rewards from the mayor, the group had also earned the thanks of the [[Knights Ascendant]] via Rathos Runar and the local priestess The Revered Mother Lindra. The Revered Mother Lindra insisted that the group join them in a small private dinner at the temple, with the squires, as well as Lindra and Rathos. The dinner was a simple but well prepared meal with pleasant conversation. At the end The Revered Mother Lindra presented the group with her thanks, as well as some minor magical relics from the church.

After a brief respite from their expedition to the east, the group was once again summoned by Aliena Jien to discuss the remaining issue to the town, the previous disappearance of the towns hunters. A recent Sky Dwarf caravan had arrived in town with reports of strange attacks from goblins that did not exhibit the normal rabid behavior associated with their kind. Rather the creatures remained utterly silent and seemingly devoid of their cunning tactics, instead just throwing themselves recklessly at the caravan, devoid of self-preservation. In addition, the huntsmaster Yaral Quirand had also done some scouting and discovered the remains of his own scattered band of missing huntsmen, themselves infected with some sort of dangerous yellow fungus.

The group was outfitted with travel supplies and sent out to the Tamrest Forest to investigate the strange fungal infection and odd behavior of the goblins, as well as what potential threat either posed to the town.



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