A friendly discussion

Having been driven out of the tower basement by the dangerous plant creature, the party was forced to enter a dialogue with the young elvish woman and her strange plant like companions. The woman introduced herself as Vermisillia, an exile from a now mostly disbanded clan of Wild Elves who succumbed to a wasting disease. She explained that the few surviving members of the clan sought refuge in this abandoned outpost after learning that the previous inhabitants had learned long forgotten rituals to harness the power of primal nature spirits.

According to Vermisillia the clan leaders who began using the magic underestimated the strength of the nature spirits, and it was not long before the elves were overrun and enslaved, with most of the adults being slaughtered while the youth were kept as captives, a ransom to ensure that Vermisillia would serve as their above ground liaison to the outside world and ensure that they received a steady supply of organic material to continue to expand their own forces which grew through fungal decomposition.

Vermisillia explained that she has thus far managed to keep the elven children safe from being consumed by the plant creatures because she has managed to trick the goblins into being lured into the outpost where she turned her plant creatures upon them. Vermisillia did all she could to assure the group that she wanted nothing more than to save the remainder of her clan, as well as putting the malevolent spirits to rest, and that while she was unable to assist the group directly, she could provide them shelter and indirect protection should they need to recover. She also advises them that there was a nearby Elven Tribe, the Gold Moon Blade Tribe who may offer some additional assistance.

After some internal discussion the group decided to visit the other elven to see if any aid could be provided before attempting another expedition into the well-guarded basement.



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