A strange ruins

After learning of the location of the highly contested ruins, the adventurers made a cautious approach through the dangerous and oppressive Tamrest Forest. Upon reaching the clearing the group conducted a bit of cursory scouting, discovering that several strangely colored goblins stood stock still at various junctions around the crumbling wall of the outpost. Within could be seen a young elven woman slowly making her way in and out of several of the small stone buildings, accompanied by a trio of small plant-like humanoids.

The group used clever tactics to lure enough of the altered goblins close enough to dispatch and examine closer, and discovered that these goblins seemed to be also afflicted by whatever strange condition had already been described to them. It was then that the group decided to conduct a reconnaissance mission into the outpost, scouting a few outer buildings and discovering that several goblins had been captured and were being held, as well as a separate grouping of young elves who seemed to be better treated, but also captive. It was decided that whatever the source of this problem in the outpost was, it was likely found within the center tower of the outpost, and so the group quickly made their way to that building.

Their stealthy ingress into the central tower was foiled by some well-hidden scouts in the interior of the building, small plant like creatures with crude spears. The battle was turned using some fire magic, though one of the diminutive creatures fled the building crying an alarm, which forced the group to head below, to the unknown subterranean level of the tower. Within the basement the group found an overgrowth of thick vines and vegetation covering both the floor, and most of the walls. A strangely large bulbous plant sat at the center, which attacked with a mind-altering spore cloud that led to a near disastrous defeat for the group, causing them to return to the surface and enter a tens treatise with the young elf they had previously spied upon.



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