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The campaign begins in the middling town of Karakest, on the southern region of the kingdom of Fallanstaff, on the world known as Thylison.

Thylison is a young world, roughly half the size of earth. Although magic exists, it is still in it’s relative infancy and the true depths and limits of it’s power have not yet been discovered or tested.

Thylison is made up of several continents separated by massive bodies of water. These bodies of water are home to numerous threats that make sea travel dangerous, though not impossible. As a result of this inherent danger, explorers, travellers and ambassadors from other continents and cultures are few and far between.

The campaign will begin in the remote human kingdom of Fallanstaff, originally founded when a fleet of merchant ships were violently tossed to shore after a magical cataclysm sent massive magical shockwaves across the region. The humans discovered a peaceful race of Elves known as High Elves living in isolated self-sufficient cities alongside their Gnomish Patrons, and wide swaths of unclaimed, farmable land. The humans quickly claimed this land for themselves with little resistance from the High Elves who had no use for it. Despite the High Elves indifference to the humans claims, settling was not initially easy. Aggressive and primitive tribes of Centaurs had long viewed this land as home, occasionally but rarely engaging in skirmishes against the Elven Cities and warring with each other. With a new threat to face the Centaur tribes slowly began to unite against the humans they saw as invaders and a long and bloody feud began.

Character Options are available now and will be updated and changed as the campaign expands.

Main Page

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